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How to find a good freelancer?

Insights on how to find the best freelancer for your need

So you read our article about hiring a freelancer or a full-time employee and realized you need a freelancer.

Great! But how do you find a good freelancer?
In this article, we’ll tell you how you can find the right match for your project.

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First of all, you need to be very clear and define your project in detail before hiring freelancers to save time and avoid frustration. Make a summary for the description that you’ll share with freelancers. This will save you a lot of time (and frustration).

Have all the prerequisites ready for the job: if you want a website, remember to first hire a designer to have the logos and typography, and only after hiring a designer, you hire a developer.

With that in mind, you have to be crystal clear on the budget and type of professional you want. Some prefer fixed prices, but usually most prefer being paid by the hour. Do some research to find the right hourly price, or, in case they prefer a fixed price, research it as well and find the budget you’re willing to pay them.
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Searching for the right freelancer
Search for more than one freelancer for the job. Usually, 3 to 10 options, depending on the job. Prioritize those that provide samples of work that match the criteria you’re looking for.

Interview all of them and filter 2 to 4 that you feel are good candidates. Remember to ask about the other projects they’re doing now, and if they have time to take a new one.

To find which one will be the best match for your project, give them all a paid assignment that is a short version of the activities they’ll do if hired.

If you’re building a website, ask them to build one page, for example.
This will show you if they’ll deliver tasks on time, communicate professionally, how motivated they will be for it, and other similar things.

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After that, remember that sometimes you may not find whom you’re looking for, and that’s completely fine! Repeat the steps, and I’m sure you’ll find them.
When you finally get your match, remember to be true to your commitments and pay on time.

This will guarantee you long-term relationships with great professionals, who will build trust in your partnership for future jobs.
Hope this article helped you clarify how to find a good freelancer for your project, and good luck!