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What is better: direct hiring or outsourcing?

What is better: direct hiring or outsourcing?

Differences between hiring and outsourcing

Hiring is a very important and complicated process. Small business owners often face the quandary wether to do it on their own or to outsource.

When you have your own company you will definitely face a "how to hire" situation. Should I hire by myself or better outsource it to a recruitment agency? Actually, there is no correct answer to this question. Everything depends on the position you need to close, the size of the company, and how urgent it needs to be done.
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Let's see the advantages of direct hiring and outsourcing.

Direct Hiring
  • You know your business better than anyone
    Knowing the difference between the correct and bad candidate will always be easy for you. External recruiters can't know your company's inner workings or culture as well as you do since you live and breathe it. This might assist you in locating a suitable applicant.
  • It's a better experience for the candidate
    When everything is done in-house, you have complete control over how the job is communicated, how the firm is sold, and how the applicant is approached. Because they're more likely to realize the position is suitable for them, a better applicant experience means you'll have a greater chance of obtaining the individual you want.
  • It develops your skillset
    Using in-house resources to employ applicants provides you a new set of skills, whether you're the one doing the recruitment or someone else in the company. If you employ someone through a recruitment firm every time, you won't know how to locate the top prospects on your own.
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Outsourcing it to a recruitment agency
  • Agencies know the market really well
    If you have an agency that genuinely understands a candidate's market better than you do, they may bring a significant value to the process. They'll have a strong understanding of the market and requirements, and if they're truly competent, they'll already have contacts with exceptional prospects.
  • It can be quicker and cheaper
    This is the most significant benefit for businesses. Posting job descriptions, resume screening, contacting and interviewing candidates takes a lot of time. Especially when you are not familiar with these processes. Moreover, job posting websites charge employers fees for promoting positions. If you write inaccurate and unattractive job descriptions you risk wasting a lot of money and not getting good applicants.
  • Agencies have more information on the applicant and the market
    In this industry, a professional recruiting agency would know everything from salary expectations to the best and worst times to employ.
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It is to say that outsourcing the hiring process to a recruitment agency is an amazing decision for companies without HR departments. But the key point here is to explain in details what kind of employee you want, what skills are required, and what your corporate culture is. By doing this you will help external recruiters understand your needs better. Therefore they will provide you with great and suitable candidates.

Moreover, even companies with HR departments sometimes reach out for help from recruitment agencies. It happens when companies need to find employees with specific skills as soon as possible.
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