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Freelancer or full-time - who should I hire?

Understand the pros and cons of each one and decide which is the best for you

Deciding between whether you should hire a freelancer or a full-time can be hard. This decision requires a very careful analysis of what you need.

In this article, we’ll help you understand the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer or a full-time.
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For freelancers, the benefits are very clear.

Since freelancers are only involved when you have tasks for them, you don’t need to pay monthly if the workload is low.

The hiring process is very straightforward, as amazing professionals are only one click away.
Freelancers usually make sure to keep a high-quality service to maintain and gain more clients.
They know that if a client is satisfied with their outcome, they will recommend them to other projects, and that’s great for them.

Hiring freelancers is also really good for opening doors to valuable connections - since they know other freelancers, you’ll be able to find other contractors easily when needed.

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The biggest con about hiring freelancers is that they are not part of your team.

This means that, if you have an urgent project, the freelancer you relied on may be busy or out of office, which can lead to you having to rush and stress to find another specialist.

Also, freelancers don’t have institutional company memory: you’ll have to coach them in a lot of processes of the company.

Because of that, they might not align with your company’s goals like a full-time member.

Unresponsiveness and unavailability issues may arise - freelancers are not obligated to report to you in a set time, so they’ll work on their time and when they prefer.

For everything to flow with ease, you’ll need to make sure to maintain a clear and smooth workflow, because a lack of communication can (and will) impact your projects.

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The pros of hiring full-time are pretty much the opposite of the cons of freelancers.

This person will likely be more focused on the development of your company, as they have a sense of stability coming from it.

This increases their performance and, therefore, the growth of your company.

Although it may be pricier, the investment pays off - a happy worker equals a motivated and highly productive one, which is great for your company.

This member will grow with your company, starting to grasp more in-depth knowledge about your processes and issues, and will soon begin to be co-creators of your company's vision, strategy, and success.

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The biggest con of hiring full-time is the increase in labor costs: as your hire works more hours, you’ll pay them more.

You’ll have to keep your team updated and trained, and that’s another cost.

In the end, you must know exactly what you need from that person, so you can understand whether it’s better to hire a freelancer or a full-time member for this function.

Hopefully, this article will help you make this decision wisely.