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Greg Suhey
I was referred to Retalent by our operations consultant. I was a bit skeptical, but after our first hire, I'm sold.They are awesome at onboarding and really understanding who we need to hire, finding the exact person to hire, and making it easy to get them going.I will be using them for many more hires!
clients think of us!
Pat Grady
Our first Retalent hire went so well, we immediately had them start our next search! They are very good at screening, interviewing, and managing the process.Very smart folks at Retalent, very well executed! Their professionalism is outstanding!
Victor Uhl
I've got Retalent Agency to know at the Seller barcamp in Lisbon. They made a little workshop about hiring and what to look for when hiring yourself. When I heard what they do, I told myself "I am not going to do that by myself".

I am happy to work with them since it saved me a lot of time and they helped me in each possible situation.
Rapidly growing the team from 2 to 60 members!
Over the 3 years of our collaboration with a Spanish-based e-commerce company, we have hired 20+ RESEARCH AND 15+ OPERATIONS SPECIALISTS with more than 3 years of relevant experience in the international market. We fully stuffed the HR, Financial and Automation departments of the company driving it to incredible growth.

We also hired senior experts who took leading positions in the company, such as HEAD OF HUMAN RESOURCES and THE CFO of the company. One of our biggest hires is the HEAD OF OPERATIONS AND LOGISTICS with 20+ years in the international market whose background portfolio included collaboration with such companies as IKEA and Toyota.
Successfully enhancing the marketing team!
Placing two top level marketing experts to enhance a team in 2 months! As a result of our collaboration we managed to hire a qualified Senior Google Ads team Lead and an Amazon PPC Specialist in Latin America and Eastern Europe with 7+ years of relevant experience.

Accelerating an Amazon business with niche experts
Assisting in enhancing an Amazon business we have hired an Operations manager and an Amazon Team Assistant who were great fits in terms of their hard and soft skills. Our Amazon Team Assistant has vast experience with amazon PPC and SEO and had skills in graphic design. Operations Manager placed meanwhile obtains advanced skills in excel, has experience in e-commerce sector, web analytics, customer support, and supervised an international team of 32! The experts we hired continue their collaboration with the company and we are regularly getting positive feedback on their growth and performance!

Building up from scratch the whole department of German Speaking Customer Support
Collaborating on building up a customer support team, we hired more than 10 fluent German and English speaking experts who have relevant experience in accommodation and reservation agencies. Our experts have 2+ years of customer support experience and are ready to take care of the customers’ needs 24/7. We are constantly getting incredible feedbacks on the performance of the placed customer support agencies and their inner drive to build the bridge between the company and the clients