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Fostering global equality through remote hiring

Importance of remote hiring

Olga, Head of HR engaged in an international remote company- about the importance of remote hiring
Remote hiring has reached its peak during the pandemic engaging more and more people across the world into remote corporate practices. The first shock of the COVID19 left everyone without any chances to evaluate the ongoing trend and understand what impact it has on global stability and equality. However, as the time passes by, a lot of studies dedicated to the phenomenon indicate that remote hiring has a huge potential to transform the global landscape and reduce world inequality.

We have reached one of our candidates Olga who got hired as a Head of HR by a remote international company to see how the opportunity of a distant work has changed her life and to discuss the overall impact of the growing trend.

Now I have more time to be with my family, and am finally learning to paint, which I’ve been wanting to do since I was a school student actually.
Head of HR
What opportunity were you looking for when we came you across as a candidate?
For me it was about finding the right place where my professional skill set would be most valuable, and that could allow me to have a better work-life balance.

Have you faced any hardships in finding the desired job on the local market at that time? What do you relate it to?
I was curious about a remote job to get more flexibility in my life, and my local job market mostly offered on-site jobs. If I try to explain the reasons behind it, I guess, it’s two things: in part, it’s due to management policies lagging behind technological progress, but mostly, because large parts of the economy require presence on site.

What opportunities has your current remote work brought to your life?

What I love most about working remotely is that it really frees up my day to dedicate more time to exploring life outside of work, which my previous 9 to 6 office job didn’t allow me to do. Now I have more time to be with my family, and am finally learning to paint, which I’ve been wanting to do since I was a school student actually.

Why do you think it is important to bring international companies to hire remotely across the globe?

Equalizing job opportunities, and improving workplace diversity, for sure. In turn, the companies benefit from increased employee well-being and productivity, while diversity has proven to promote innovation.

I think remote hiring is a great way to foster overall economic growth locally.
Head of HR
How do you think remote global hiring helps to tackle social challenges in the local communities?

I think the huge challenge for many developing countries is unemployment. Of course, it’s only an option in certain sectors of the economy, and requires the worker to be proficient in more than their native language. But I think it’s a great way to foster overall economic growth locally. Stronger need for remote workers can lead to an increased focus on IT infrastructures, for example, and drive demand for higher-quality education, - besides the obvious benefit of improving life standards.

Being the Head of HR in an international company, why do you think more and more people are opting for the possibility to work remotely in a transnational environment?

We’re really lucky to live at a time when technology enables us to connect from anywhere in the world, and I think the future belongs to the companies who can make the best use of the opportunity: fully remote work offers an improved work-life balance, takes out the stress of commuting, and leaves more time for being with the family or friends, for hobbies or engaging with the local community. I know there’s a wide-spread concern that working remotely is less efficient for the company, but I believe that if we weigh in the benefits for the environment: of reduced traffic, heating for office buildings, etc.; for the community: through stronger social ties, better individual well-being, remote work is a win for society. As a business, we see this our responsibility to give back to the community. Our revenue only benefits, too.

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