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Tips for identifying candidates' lies

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Even one meeting with a candidate can help you understand if he is a liar

Interviewing candidates is a very important stage of the hiring process. At this point, you can understand if the applicant matches your company or not. Unfortunately, it is impossible to identify all negative qualities of the candidates from one meeting. However, you can notice some red flags even from a simple phone call.

We bet that sometimes you have a feeling that the candidate is lying to you. But how to find out if they are really lying? Of course, you can't prevent it, but you can identify it. We advise you to pay more attention to the following points:
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interview body language do's and don'ts
These are the main red flags that can help you identify dishonest candidates and prevent some conflicts. You should make a habit of paying attention to these moments. You will be surprised how effective the hiring process will be and how strong your team will be.
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body language during interview
As remote work becomes a more common and widespread phenomenon of our life, more remote employees are needed. We know that sometimes the hiring process might be long and tedious for business owners. That is why Retalent's team of professionals is always ready to assist you in hiring perfect and trustworthy employees.