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What is modern corporate culture

What is modern corporate culture?

Business culture: key to success

It's a well-known fact that all successful companies have amazing business culture. CEOs of the biggest corporations constantly encourage their employees to participate in various activities. But the main question is:
What is corporate culture?
Rebecca Garcia
Owner of Online Consulting Agency
Corporate culture is what makes your company unique. It contains the company values, ethics, vision, behaviors, and work environment.
What comes to your mind when you think about business culture? People who were born between 1950 and 1970 will probably think about the strict boss, long working hours, unrealistic deadlines, work under pressure, no growth. However, it is all in the past.

Modern corporate culture can be associated with polite and guiding bosses, realistic deadlines, flexible working hours, amazing offices and activities, welcoming employees' initiatives.
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Recruiters of Retalent remote recruitment agency have noticed, that modern candidates rank business culture as one of the most important factors when considering career opportunities.

Hence, here are some tips from our team for building great and modern corporate culture:
modern corporate culture
As easy as it may sound, there are some pitfalls. And for a lot of people, one of these is remote work. Some managers believe that it's impossible to build a great corporate culture if you run all your processes remotely.

However, Retalent's team is here to convince you otherwise.
  • 1
    Organize events
    Creating an event calendar will keep them excited about upcoming activities. Nowadays you can do so many things online! There are special platforms for everything! You can organize remote coffee breaks, dinners, yoga classes, online games, etc.
  • 2
    Build a buddy system
    A remote employee's sense of belonging can be greatly enhanced by regular interaction with even one trusted mentor. You may also connect personnel from various workplaces in different locations using remote work models.
  • 3
    Create unique traditions
    We all know that even simple gestures can create a sense of unity. Isn't it what every company needs? Employees will feel more gratified as members of a close-knit group of treasured traditions are added to an existing strong culture.
  • 4
    Give them opportunity to grow
    Assist or have management assist employees in mapping out their intended career path. What measures do they need to take in order to progress? What abilities do they need to improve? Employees must be able to see where they're going and enjoy what they see in order to be genuinely pleased.
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Here is a great example of modern corporate culture:
The online retailer, Zappos, is famous for its business culture and values that it now helps othercompanies better their culture. One of the most important components of their culture is fostering a sense of belonging and trust among their personnel. This increases the effectiveness and creativity of teams and individuals in the workplace. They also make it acceptable to fail, because all creative ideas are doomed to fail. In fact, culture is so important to the company that it offers new hires $2,000 to quit after their training if they feel they do not fit in. So, what are Zappo's secrets? Nothing complicated, actually.
The company encourages:
  • Individuality and team spirit
  • Delivery of the "wow" factor through service
  • Embracing and driving change
  • Self-management
  • Creativity, determination, passion, and weirdness
  • Adventure and open-mindedness
  • Ownership of work
  • The pursuit of growth and learning
  • Building trust and open, honest communication with team-mates
  • Humbleness
Zappos showed its respect and care to its employees by:
  • An above-average medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage
  • An on-site wellness service
  • Pet insurance
  • 40% employee discount for those who love shoes and accessories
  • Free food for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and breaks
  • Monthly team outings
  • Nap rooms for rest and rejuvenation
As a result, the company has a very low employees turnover a lot of people would give anything to work here.

Of course, the first step to building a great corporate culture is hiring the right people. Here, at Retalent, we specialize in finding talents from developing countries that will perfectly fit your team, book your free consultation to find out more about it.