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How much will Eastern European workers cost me?

Costs of hiring Eastern European workers

Calculating costs of hiring in developing countries

It's a well-known fact that outsourcing jobs to developing countries can increase the effectiveness of your business several times. Retalent's team explains this fact in detail in the following article: Why should I hire people from places like Latin America or Eastern Europe? But as for all important decisions, it's crucial to calculate the costs. So the most common question we receive from our clients is:
How much do I need to pay?
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Before setting the salary you should consider the following points: living expenses in a certain country, average salary by country, and average salary by specialty.
We help you with that as soon as we have our first call we make research on salaries for the profile you are looking for.
Living expenses
Eastern Europe is famous for having lower living expenses than Western Europe. It's obvious that the lower the cost of living in the country, the lower the average salary is. It means that by outsourcing to Eastern Europe you can have highly skilled employees and reduce the costs at the same time. Let's compare living costs in different eastern European and Middle Asian countries to American and Western European costs. According to Numbeo the living costs in compared countries are:
Average salaries by countries
The lower the cost of living in countries, the lower the average salaries. Therefore, it's important to compare not only costs of living but average salaries as well. Here is the list of average salaries of compared countries:
  • Russia: 890$
  • Ukraine: 660$
  • Belarus: 570 $
  • Kazakhstan: 816$
  • Estonia: 1 367$
  • Latvia: 970$
  • The USA: 3 557$
  • The UK: 2 750$
Surprisingly hiring employees in Eastern Europe would cost you almost five times less than recruiting specialists from the USA. Average salaries in the UK are also higher than in Eastern countries. Isn't it amazing!? The difference is huge! Of course, the specialists who are ready to work for international companies are paid above the average. However, you will still reduce the costs by choosing your team members from Eastern European and Middle Asian countries.
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Average salaries by specialty
Retalent's team has experience in hiring specialists in various fields. The most common requests from our clients are designers, marketing specialists, virtual assistants, customer support specialists.
From our experience, we can say that the average salaries for these positions are:
  • Designer: 1300$
  • Marketing specialist: 1200$
  • Virtual assistant: 900$
  • Customer support: 1000$
As you see these numbers are above the average salaries of Eastern Europe and way lower than Wester wages. Hence, you can expect to have highly qualified and happy employees, and reduce the costs at the same time! Isn't it amazing?
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Hiring in Eastern Europe and Middle Asia is a wonderful opportunity to enrich your team with outstanding employees and take your company to the next level. Here, at Retalent, we specialize in finding talents from developing countries that will perfectly fit your team, book your free consultation to find out more about it.