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Retalent is your remote recruitment agency for hiring top remote talent and obtaining great employment promotions!

Our remote recruitment agency will help you hire talent remotely that will lead to business success. We have deep knowledge about the importance of attracting and retaining amazing employees, so we would love to be part of your recruitment success. Our objective is to help you with the recruitment process, making it easy for you to get the best top talent that matches your specific needs and company values. We know that the cost to hire employees sometimes might be high, but with us that doesn't exist, since you will be paying less for more, saving money, while accessing to the best top talent and great employment benefits! If you hire with us you will be able to obtain different employment promotions.

Following we detail some of the benefits you will receive when partnering with us:

1. Refer a Friend: strengthen your team and get rewarded
At Retalent we value helping to promote brilliant talent. Do you have a friend that will rock it and will be an ideal candidate for an open position? We have a "Refer a Friend" program that will reward you for recommending outstanding talents. When you refer a friend to our remote recruitment agency, if we hire this person, you will receive a discount of $100 off your next hire.

2.Multi employment benefits: effective solution for growing teams
When your business starts to grow, you may need to hire many employees to build remote teams. To be part of your growth, we offer an exclusive discount for second hires. We understand the cost to hire employees, especially when building a numerous team, that’s why our remote recruitment agency is here to offer you great opportunities for low cost to hire talent remotely. We provide you a 20% discount from a second hire with the same profile and from the same process. By partnering with us, you'll get this great benefit when doing a multi employment hire. This means that when you need to hire more than one employee you will receive employment promotions.This multi employment promotion allows you to maximize your recruitment budget while you add valuable and outstanding workers to your team.

Benefits of hiring with Retalent:

- Exceptional talent: our remote recruitment agency specializes in helping companies find top remote talent in developing countries. We look for valuable professionals from different industries that align not only with your needs and job requirements but also with the values of your company. We also ensure to attract top talent who are not just seeking for a job, but looking to develop a professional career within your organization. We assure you that we will present you only the most qualified candidates, finding the exact perfect match for you and in this way save you time and effort in the hiring process.
-Remote work proficiency: In today's developing work market, jobs for working remotely have become crucial. We understand and have deep knowledge about remote recruitment, we are updated about market insights, and know how to manage remote employees. With our experience, you can just sit back and let us build your successful remote team that will lead to business success.

At Retalent we are fully dedicated to offering outstanding remote recruitment services. We are the ideal remote recruitment agency for you to build a perfect team, since we provide the best employment promotions and support remote work environments.

We know that the cost to hire employees can be a stress. That's why our remote recruitment agency is here to provide cost-effective solutions, finding the best top remote talents efficiently. We help you optimize your recruitment budget while gaining great benefits.

Our mission is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, while providing personalized hires solutions that align with your requirements.
Build your ideal team with us and obtain business success!

Contact us today and learn more about how our remote recruitment agency can help you build and retain a top talent team while offering great employment promotions. We will create a great working environment that leads to your business goals.
Refer a friend
Refer your friend to Retalent and get -$100 off your next hire
- $100
Second hire discount
If you decide to hire multiple employees with the same profile from the same process, you will get a 20% discount
- 20%