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Tasks to give to my executive assistant

Which tasks to give to my Executive Assistant?

Make the most of the skills of Executive Assistant

Nowadayscrucial for an organized manager or entrepreneur to have an Executive Assistant on their company. In addition to their exceptional administrative abilities, they act as gatekeeps so you may concentrate on the more important parts of your work.

However, they may be of so much more help, especially if you see them as a business partner rather than just an assistant.

This article will help you figure out which tasks you should assign to make the most of the skills of Executive Assistant.

Tasks Executive Assistant

An exceptional Executive Assistant carries out a broad range of tasks. The job description for an Executive Assistant include:

  • Calendar Administration
  • Secretarial assistance
  • Make travel plans
  • Expense documentation
  • Digital and hard copy filing
  • Requisitioning and processing invoices
  • Front-line communication
  • Organizing meetings
  • Print and copy jobs
  • Mail sorting and delivery

Although these responsibilities are often required for Executive Assistants, there are a lot of additional creative ways your EA can benefit your company.

Additional tasks to assign your Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants are known for handling phone calls, emails, and documents. But there are several other ways in which you can make the most of your EA’s potential. You can set goals for an Executive Assistant that you want them to include in their daily activities.

Make use of their strategic position

Your Executive Assistant has a bird’s eye when it comes to your business. They regularly interact with a lot of employees, giving them access to a wide range of viewpoints, beliefs, and concerns. You can use this information by including them in strategy talks.

One approach is to involve them actively in high-level meetings, rather than merely having them take notes. Give them an opportunity to learn about the entire organization, including the reasons behind choices, project objectives, scheduling, and financial and time restraints.

When it comes time to make decisions, this knowledge along with their high-level viewpoint can be quite helpful.

Use their extensive skill set

Gone are the days when executives solely consulted their secretaries on small problems like presents. Savvy CEOs are now aware that their EAs can do much more than just that.

You might want to ask your EA to conduct the following tasks for you:

  • Preparing reports
  • Managing departmental budget
  • Small project-related tasks
  • Onboarding
  • Research and compare the company’s packages
  • Negotiating contracts

Make them your first responder by training them

Your EA might be willing to serve as the first responder in the office. If so, you can train them to administer first aid to coworkers in the office. You can also invest to train them for an emergency, like administering life support while they wait for an ambulance.

Find out if they want to improve their IT skills

When it comes to office support software, EAs are quite knowledgeable. However, they must be experts in the digital space, using multiple apps and intricate intranet networks.

Provide them the training to increase their technical expertise so they can serve as a technical support resource, especially in situations where you don't have time to wait for the IT staff to respond.

In addition, they could want to take on the responsibility of running the company's website and social media accounts or educating other staff members on how to use technology to boost productivity.


Make the best use of your Executive Assistant’s potential so that you can focus on tasks that truly require your attention. In Retalent we do executive Assistant recruitment and train them so as to guarantee your business success while matching you with your perfect Executive Assistant.