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What does a Personal Assistant do?

Responsibilities of a Personal Assistant

Duties and responsibilities of Assistant
A Personal Assistant is responsible for taking care of and managing various clerical tasks that are assigned by the upper management level.

Successful Personal Assistants are those who have excellent time management, multi-tasking, and of course, exceptionally great communication skills. Not only this but they must also be team players, and willing to learn how to handle various tasks in the corporate world.

Let us delve a little deeper to understand more about the duties of Personal Assistant, responsibilities, and main skills.

Did you know that the success or failure of a company majorly depends on the skills of an assistant? If you didn’t know - you probably will now!

The job description of a Personal Assistant includes:

  • Organizing the office and helping associates with the process
  • Sorting out communications promptly
  • Using ERP software for ‘back-office’ requirements.
  • Perform receptionist duties as required

In addition to this, Personal Assistants are also responsible for handling the management’s meetings, whilst maintaining decorum and cordial relations with colleagues.

The duties of Personal Assistant include several tasks:

1. Manage circulations of the management: these include all sorts of letterheads, educational textbooks, supplies, DVDs, minutes books, etc.
2. Manage branches by providing support: these may include providing assistance and support in giving information technology support, logistics, training, etc.
3. Manage the company's social media handles and accounts: an assistant must take care of and handle the management’s social media presence for instance Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.
4. Maintain the payroll and file taxes on behalf of the management: an assistant is required to file quarterly tax returns to the government whilst also maintaining the management payroll.
5. Schedule and plan official appointments: an assistant must ensure to schedule and plan meetings and appointments ahead of the date and notify the management.
6. Maintain public relationships with others: the job descriptions of a personal assistant require them to maintain good public relations, and cordial relationships with the management, outsiders, and of course, colleagues.

How Much does a Personal Assistant make?

salary of an assistant
If you are opting to work as an assistant for a corporate firm, have you wondered how much money it would pay you to take care of every aspect of the management’s responsibilities?
You see, several factors need to be taken into consideration before calculating the big payout - for instance, the experience held, the degrees and qualifications, hard and soft skills, etc.
Either way, management must be capable to determine an appropriate wage for the position of an assistant as this would attract a lot of potential workers that would ensure long-term service.
According to reports, in California the average hourly rates of an assistant are $32.55, whereas the same job description in Florida would fetch $24.29 hourly - so it’s rather clear that salaries differ geographically. The national average, however, is $39,663 according to ZipRecruiter.


The importance of a Personal Assistant has become widespread as every corporate firm requires an assistant to manage daily tasks, handle communications, and do other duties that are expected of one - this is why, personal assistants are in high demand in the 21st century.

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